Re: Organ donation

Arjen Kamphuis (
Tue, 9 Sep 1997 01:27:49 +0200

Lee Daniel Crocker <>:
>Even if that problem were solved (as is not unlikely), I would
>refuse organ donation under the present government because it is
>not currently legal for my heirs to receive the fair market value
>of my cellular property. Better it should go to waste than be
>subjected to altruism at gunpoint.

With all due respect; I am having some serious trouble with the last sentence.
maybe this is a cultural difference between our respective home-country's
or just a difference between you and me.

It is problably not fair that heirs don't get good cash for donated organs
but IMHO it would be terribly unfair to let a person die for lack of organs
when a perfectly suitable organ is rotting away in a grave somewhere.

Please don't misunderstand: I'm not saying one is "better" than the other
just that I'm having *real* difficulty to follow your thinking here.

And where did the "gunpoint" come from (didn't we already agree to disagree
on this subject - for now anyway ;-)?

In another post:
>Before making any future serious replies to the old kidney-napping
>story, check out <> for a good debunking
>of this particular UL (and many others). This has /never happened/,
>teary testimonials and an episode of Law & Order notwithstanding, and
>continuing to spread baseless fears and false legends helps no one.

Next time I'll check & doublecheck my info-resources, thanks.

Arjen Kamphuis

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