Re: Kidney-nappers
Mon, 08 Sep 1997 23:25:00 +0200

At 20:20 8-09-97 +0200, Anders wrote:
>You have fallen for an urban legend.

>If you think about it, the story falls apart completely. Organ
>transplants have rejection problems, which means you can't transplant
>an organ from a random donor to a patient. Using random people you
>have not tissue-typed will likely lead to rejection, not to mention
>the risks of spreading disease. So while there might be unscrupulous
>people who might be willing to sell others organs, there would be
>few buyers who would want them.

I was amazed at the 10.000 dollars/kidney black market value, if you
compare to crimes with similar risks, like a hit job, and add the price for
the medical expertise required, plus the fact that more than 1 person is
comitting the crime, and is exposed to the same danger of punishment for
it. I think you'd end up at a figure at least 10 times as high. I think the
story has some weaknesses on the supply side as well.

btw, i can't imagine many high payed medical dr's, risking their
comfortable way of life...

Joost de Lyser