Re: Kidney-nappers

Anders Sandberg (
08 Sep 1997 21:32:31 +0200

Dan Fabulich <> writes:

> At 06:45 PM 9/8/97 +0200, you wrote:
> >Are you still with me?
> >I tend to think I don't shock easily but this shut me up for a couple of
> >minutes... Not just what they did but the way they did it.
> <shrug> I'd heard of this before, but I've always heard of it either from
> uninformed friends or here on the net, where urban legend masquerades
> easily as fact. As a result, I've never really taken this "organ thief"
> story seriously.

I wrote a quite detailled post where I showed (with references) how
this was an urban myth, but it vanished into Shub-Internet. Basically,
organ theft doesn't work since you can't know what tissue type
the "donor" has until after the fact, and you then have a very short
time to link up with an unscrupulous patient of the right tissue type
- extremely unlikely.

In my vanished post I also discussed if a free market approach would
help or make the problem worse, but right now I lack the time to
recreate it. Perhaps surprisingly (for those who know me), I ended
up on the free market side.

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