Re: Kidney-nappers
Mon, 8 Sep 1997 13:25:22 -0400 (EDT)

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Ev, if you run into the monsters doing this stuff...
do just that: run into them - full speed.

This is of particular significance and interest to me. For the ten years
prior to getting into my truck I was intimently associated with kidney
dialysis, and kidney disease. My wife and her mother both died of End Stage
Kidney Disease. You cannot live without your kidneys for very long.....that
time is measured in hours. You cannot live with a transplant or dialysis for
a normal lifetime....It WILL be cut short.

These people are murderers....pre-meditated murders. In my opinion it is no
difference than if they outright killed their victims on the scene. The only
difference is the "torture factor".....they not only murder their victims
they impose physiological and psychological torture on them in their
remaining period of life....because their victims health will go into
immediated decline...

I'm no doctor....but urologists and kidney docs explained to me about is much similar, in effect, to inducing AIDS by chemical
means...that is... the immune system of the victim must be suppressed in
order to prevent rejection of the transplant....this makes disease and ill
health a certainity over the long term.

This is horrible.

Marionville, Illlilnois.