Re: Adrian Karth postings AND Sarah Marr

Sarah Marr (
Mon, 08 Sep 1997 09:40:55 +0100

>Even so, the unwarranted reaction by Marr was surprising and disturbing.

My reaction was warranted but exceptionally ill-judged, in that I should
simply have written a polite email to Paul asking him if he was aware of
his posts to the list. What saddens me most is that my ill judgement will
necessarily, and deservedly lower my standing both on this list and with
many of my dear friends.

I can only repeat the apology to Paul which I posted last night, and say
that I am considering unsubscribing from the list as the only other course
of action open to me at this time. Perhaps it is, after all, that most
human of traits, emotion, which will stop our breaking the boundaries which
limit us at this time.


B e a u t y i s o n l y s i n d e e p.