Re: Adrian Karth postings AND Sarah Marr

Paul W. Green (
Sun, 07 Sep 1997 23:14:42 -0700

Just a short note for the record.

After filtering well over 200 emails from Adrian Karth and with seemingly
little hope of abatement, I adopted an Occam's Razor approach to the
problem....and simply wrote a brief,innocuous email to Adrian (and it was
addressed to Adrian ONLY) informing him of the "bounce effect" and
forwarding an example.

In return, I received an intemperate , accusatory and inaccurate post from
Sarah Marr. She is totally unknown to me and I have no idea what
precipitated her unwelcome response.I can only surmise that somehow ( and
entirely involuntarily ) my note must have been rebroadcast to the entire
list. Even so, the unwarranted reaction by Marr was surprising and

I have no desire to pursue this further.


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