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> << In the film, empirical proof was discovered but the government kept the
> existence of this proof secret from Elli and the public.
> >>
> But then, she had an experience that nobody believed because it wasnt backed
> up with scientific evidence.
> danny

But that's the point of the film. It placed Ellies experience into the
realm of faith. In most films SF or other, when the hero or heroin is
placed in this situation they succumb to the idea that faith is more
important and that science is just an illusion that squashes humanity.
In Contact Ellie sticks to the principles of science under enormous
pressure and at great personal expense. She does not ask for anyone's
faith and expects all manners of criticism. In the film the religious
leader Matthew McConaughey says something like "I live by a different
covenant then Ellie, I believe her." As a man living by principles of
faith he can make such a statement. Ellie, as a scientist, can not.
Even when it is her own experience that is in question. What a role