Re: META: Adrian Trap

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Sun, 07 Sep 1997 20:42:28 -0500

Regarding my Adrian Trap, a person wrote:
> Thanks. What can you do about Green?

I imagine, I hope, that the Green problem will go away when the Adrian posts
go away... that is, if his program isn't so stupid that it starts replying to
itself. If that occurs, we'll have to remove him from the list until the
problem peters out.

No "Green Trap" is needed; his address is known.

Anyway, I still haven't gotten that all-important reply error message yet!

After examination of Adrian's bounces, I believe the turnaround time may
actually be five or six hours, perhaps 24 hours. We are very fortunate in
this (imagine the rapid escalation of a five-minute turnaround!) but it means
that my Trap will not be instantly productive of results.

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