Re: Uploading
Sat, 6 Sep 1997 12:39:25 -0400 (EDT)

JKC wrote:

> >Although that mind may seem the same to everyone else, and the
> >itself may 'think' it's you, it might not actually be 'you'
> >(because you're dead).
> Perhaps that's already happened, perhaps you died yesterday and entered
> realm of total oblivion, perhaps you're not conscious, perhaps you just
> you are. If I were to somehow prove to you that that's exactly what
> can you think of any reason you should be the slightest bit upset about
> I can't.

Let's say every time your mind changes, you've died, the only thing keeping
you, as you are your memories. Memories are physically embodied inside your
brain and have many other elements attached, such as emotion. We don't know
*everything* about memories, how they work and how to replicate them, and
perhaps we never will. So if your consciousness only exists as a memory,
it's important to keep those memories consistent. Gradual uploading should
do this. But trashing your brain and rebuilding it to the highest level of
detail my not be consistent, and one little glitch in logic and you're gone.
And if you rebuild your mind in exact detail, you've sort of missed the
point, since it will be slower than its real world counterpart.

Reality is consistency.