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Questions, comments, anybody want a mint?


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Subject: Looking for a Unique Gift? Try >>> ~ MARS ~ <<< !!!!
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Need a unique gift to surprise a friend or loved one?

Know somebody who has a birthday sneaking up on you?

Keeping your eyes open for an unexpected gift?

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Sounds too incredible to be true? KEEP READING!!!!!!

"Land Claims on MARS!"

Thousands of individuals from more than twenty five
countries across the Earth have discovered this fun,
unique, "novelty" gift with a very serious twist!!!

"Land Claims on MARS!"

While The Martian Consulate, L.L.C., may not "own"
Mars (nobody can "own" Mars -- that has been settled
by international treaty!) we have done the next best
thing! We have established a trust, set up for and in
the names of our claim holders, such that in the future,
when a true Government on Mars is established, our
claim holders will be the first in line to legally CLAIM

The Martian Consulate, L.L.C., maintains an Official
Registry of Deed Claimants protected within a vault
in Geneva, Switzerland. Our Registrants' names,
addresses, precise claim locations and serial numbers
are recorded within this Registry. And by a trust
established by The Martian Consulate, L.L.C., this
Registry will be formally presented to a bone-fide
Government on the planet Mars when such a
government is established!

Register a loved one today! Each Registrant receives
a beautiful 11" x 14" Certificate of Deed Registration
with engraved gold seal which bears the Recipient's
name and the location of their unique property claim,
a "Survey of Plat" map which visually and
geographically pinpoints their personal, unique claim
location on Mars, and an optional hand addressed
gift card with custom message from you! Property
Claim sizes are 1.00 square mile, and are priced at
US$29.95. These make a wonderful gift for any
occassion! Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, as
we stand behind our Certificates with a thirty day,
money back, no-question, no hassle guarantee!

"Land Claims on MARS!"

Visit our site often to find out more about our new
Martian Consulate coffee mugs, and upcoming golf
shifts and custom embroideried baseball caps!

-- The Martian Consulate, L.L.C. --
-- 21st Century Space Novelties --

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