gas go boom?

Anton Sherwood (
Fri, 5 Sep 1997 22:07:32 -0700

Could we have this in English please?

: The person talking about hydrogen flammability limits was very likely
: confusing hydrogen in oxygen limits with hydrogen in AIR limits... two
: very different situations. Yes, flammability limits in OXYGEN are from 4.7
: to 15 and 90 to 93.9

Four limits? Two ranges? What do the numbers mean?

: with detonation limits in between (15 to 90% by volume) [...]
: The flammability limits of hydrogen in AIR are 4.0 to 18.2 and again above
: detonation limits at from 58.9 to 75% with the 18.2 to 58.9% by volume

Oh, it's parts per hundred? But which way does the ratio run?

"It's so simple, so very simple, that only a child can do it." (TL)

: zone between the detonation limits this is a fuel it has to burn to work.
: Propane in use everywhere with hardly anyone objecting has DETONATION
: limits from 2.1 to 9.5 in AIR! (would prefer to use hydrogen)

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