Eeeee-pissssy--logical studies.
Fri, 5 Sep 1997 15:43:47 -0400 (EDT)

Some time ago the EPA (FDA, FFA, ERA, SPCA,NAACP <<????>>> I of
them gubment sneaky snakes) decided it needed to ban smoking...for our own
good you know...and mandated right there in the constitution...(the third
extension to the left of the fourth penumbra from the right.)

So it decided to do a pissylogical study <surely this name is not
makes too much sense>...The first time it did it using scientifically
accepted norms and practices...99% confidence interval and all that.

Well that didn't work...nothing showed...didn't get the results they wanted..
So do it again...throw out a few studies...lower the confidence
interval...stuff like that..well it didn't work again...and again.

But ...FINALLY..(gotta give them boys and girls credit...they're persistent)
they got a %30 percent chance of getting some kind of respiritory ailment
from "second hand" smoke. That's more like it....why we can pass all kinds
of legislation, rules...etc...and generally interfere with peoples lives and
collect more taxes.

Which is what they proceeded to do...the Attornies General suite against the
Tubacker Industry is a case in point...<Attornies General is just another
name for crooked politician...why should we expect them to be moral or

Meanwhile....another pissylogical study was done <<<loooove that wordd>>>>

It had to do with the relation ship between abortions and breast cancer in
women. These folks were a little more ethical than the gubment crowd...they
run the study right...

And guess what? 100% better chance of a young lady getting breast cancer
later in life if she has had an abortion than not.

Ooooops....that is NOT politically correct....whatawe gonna do?

Tell the truth? Yeah...that'll work...fool 'em...they ain't expecting that
from us.

In pissylogical studies (so I understand) anything less than 100% is just
noise...100% is considered "weak" the pro-abortion types told the
truth...saying that there was only a "weak" link betwen abortion and breast
cancer...(never mind that that weak link has been verified by numerous

And now all the liberals are happy... of the other alphabet soup agencies wants more power and they gotta plan...toughen the Air Quality Standards...and lets
by pass Congress to do it...after all they're elected...subject to voter
pressure and all that...we'll get the Philander in Chief to sign an executive

Which he did..

.but this gubment agency is very reluctant to show anyone the studies that
supposedly confirms the need for the for the new tougher (and very, very,
very expensive standards...probably put a lot of companies out of
business...and make things 15 times more expensive than they oughta be rather
than ten times as they are now)..

Kinda neat huh?

100% is "weak"- no need to be alarmed
30% is grounds for lawsuits and regulations
(?)% is good enough for forcing the whole economy to its knees...<for the
children...don't you know>

Just another example of Truth...Justice...and the Liberal Way.

Knoxville Tn.