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On Sep 5, 4:54pm, "Nicholas Bostrom" wrote:

} Yes, that would be a very bad outcome. In the EoC, Drexler mentions
} the possibility that a state choose to get rid of its people and
} replace them with obediant AIs. This is a real danger. -Another

Actually I thought this was a ridiculous idea, as stated. A single
dictator, or cabal, might try this, but this is a subset of "nanopower
tries to take over the world". Even in massively totalitarian states
there is a strong connection between the rulers and a large mass of the
people -- in fact, one might argue that especially in modern totalitarian
states is this the case. Hitler might have replaced Germans with AIs if
you let the idea sit in his cracked head for long enough, but he
wouldn't have right away. I doubt the Chinese rulers would replace the
Chinese. I don't think these people think entirely in terms of slave
labor, and replacing one's own people by robots would frighten or creep
out most members of the human race. The world is not run by psychotic

Now, replacing some *other* country's population, there's an idea.

} Yes, everybody that is willing to cooperate could be included in the
} dominating power. Hopefully, this would be most of the world, perhaps
} excluding some rogue states and possibly China. These nations would

Gee, what happened to nanotech dissolving the states of the world into
nanarchy? Use your miracle-tech to deliver tons of wealthy directly to
the subject peoples of these states.

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