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>You are going off on your own beliefs.
>It is scientifically proven that they
>have been changed molecularly(the chromosomes),
>and the hoaxers didnt do that.

You've got to read these things more carefully. The pictures aren't pictures
of chromosomes, as just glancing at them will tell. They claim to be
pictures of "chromozones", whatever they are. Neither my dictionary, my
medical dictionary, nor any of my biology texts has any definition or
reference to "chromozone". I couldn't find any other reference to
"chromozone" on the Web, either.

Pardon me, but I just couldn't resist some sly comments below. Danny didn't
quote these, but I didn't know how else to distinguish them.

>From the crop circles page

>>This regularly updated site by Freddy Silva features
>>the work of Colin Andrews,
>>Gerald Hawkins and other respected
>>researchers, bringing you factual research
>>dedicated to the appreciation and
>>understanding of crop circles, the most dynamic form of
>>multi-dimensional communication ever
>>to appear in the history of our home planet.

Well, they *are* multidimensional. 2, to be precise, just like any painting.
As to "most dynamic ... in history", let's see - the Sistine Chapel, the
Bible, the Analects, Monet's Waterlilies, Beethoven's late quartets, the
Declaration of Independece, the Origin of Species. I could go on for
chapters, literally. Methinks somebody doesn't get out much :-)

>>As crop circles proliferate across the entire globe the vast amount of
>>conclusive scientific evidence continues to be silenced.

I swear, this is practically the mating call of the pseudoscientist.

>>I hope that through this site
>>and its links you will become better informed about these signs that
>>have been predicted by native cultures for thousands of years.

Isn't it interesting that in spite of thousands of years of predictions the
aliens or transdimensional ghosties who supposedly made these couldn't
actually do it until shown how by a couple of Brit pranksters?


>>They just keep getting bigger and more complex. And reports are really
>>coming in from around the world.

Gosh, just like somebody is *learning* to make them.