Nano again...

Prof. Jose Gomes Filho (
Thu, 4 Sep 1997 20:25:05 +0000

About nano, some (of the various...) things to be added:

Although, like the great majority of tech's, it has also the "bad
uses", as the belicist ones, it will be very useful also to:

1. If we decide to miniaturize our artificial bodies, in the
future... If we intend to "ressurrect" ( read: be reinstalled in
new artificial bodies), it will be better that more people can stay
in Earth's surface... (why not ?).

2. The human body has its sensons and actuators ( arms, eyes,
etc...). Why do they need necessarily to be tied to the body and why
do they need to be concentrated in just one part. They could be
just multipartitioned in various nano sensors/actuators... Just
management.... ( about the "esthetic" caracteristics, including our
"good" sensations they can be gotten "virtually" (as already
are its interpretations...) inside the main processor
(possibly parallel), and via dynamical (and possibly virtual too...)
interactions of the "subparts"...) Indeed, that's a possibilty of
getting new great sensations... for example, on getting sense of
different places at the same time...



Prof. Gomes

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