Re: Goo prophylaxis:consensus

Forrest Bishop (
Thu, 4 Sep 1997 17:24:11 -0500 (CDT)

Nicholas wrote:

>In response to the comments that my first consensus-feeler elicited,
>we can make a second attempt by including the following changes and
>clarifications and additions (borrowing ideas and formulations from
.here and there):

>The lost-information objection I find completely unconvincing.

As one who considers the burning of the Library at Alexandria to be
the most
enormous crime in history I find your position _extremely_ distressing.
I think
an SI would at least have the brainpower to know that it cannot know
consequences of its information destruction. (The notion that it could
reconstruct that information is garbage, IMO.)
Free energy, space, and matter are the lowest forms and most
resourses. The arrangments of atoms, and the coevolving interactions of

these various structures, are far more important than the low forms.

It takes much less effort to colonize a new star system than to
every competing intelligence or SI in one particular system. Once such
colony is established, it is much easier to defend it than to attack