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Paul Hughes (
Thu, 04 Sep 1997 09:24:32 PDT

Dan@Clemmensen wrote:

>Paul Hughes wrote:

No I did not. What is written below is a re-post of Forrest Bishops
comments. I put them in my post, as I had a comment to make on them:

Forrest Bishop said:

>>I am not convinced that a Jupiter Brain style SI can retain a single
>> identity over its extended structure. If its 'seat of consciousness'
>> is
>> distributed over a volume of space (perhaps in the interest of
>> redundancy), a 'center' (C1) at one point will diverge by deltaC in
>> time deltaT from a 'center' (C2) at another point.
>> If the signal propagation delay (deltaT) is long enough, C2 might
>> evolved a will and outlook too different from C1's to be considered
>> the same SI. I think this effect make the development of a
>> planet-wide, single identity SI very complicated, a Solar System-wide
>> SI very unlikely, and a star-spanning SI impossible.

Attributed the above post to the rightful author (Forrest Bishop) is

Paul Hughes

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