Re: goo prophylaxis: consensus

Dan Clemmensen (
Thu, 04 Sep 1997 07:10:08 -0400

Paul Hughes wrote:
> I am not convinced that a Jupiter Brain style SI can retain a single
> identity over its extended structure. If its 'seat of consciousness'
> is
> distributed over a volume of space (perhaps in the interest of
> redundancy), a 'center' (C1) at one point will diverge by deltaC in
> time deltaT from a 'center' (C2) at another point.
> If the signal propagation delay (deltaT) is long enough, C2 might have
> evolved a will and outlook too different from C1's to be considered
> the same SI. I think this effect make the development of a
> planet-wide, single identity SI very complicated, a Solar System-wide
> SI very unlikely, and a star-spanning SI impossible.

Err, I think the time it takes a nerve pulse to cross the human brain
is on the same order of magnitude at the speed-of-light delay across
a star?

You can reduce the size of the star by converting to neutronium.

If the "society of the mind" paradigm is correct, a single human
conciousness derives from multiple interacting subentities. The
result is still a single intelligence, at least as we currently
define it.