Re: Rifkin speaks in SCI AM

Anders Sandberg (
04 Sep 1997 09:45:23 +0200

"Brian L. Fritz" <> writes:

> Entropy: A New World Order by Jeremy Rifkin
> 1981 Bantam Books, New York, NY
> ISBN 0-553-20215-4

Wasn't it in this book where he propunded his own "Fourth law of
thermodynamics" (the material entropy of any system always increases)
which was utterly, profoundly *wrong*, but still got endorsed by
environmentalists with little scientific background (including a certain
Al Gore, I seem to recall?). The worrying thing about Rifkin isn't
his views, we should accept that there are some people who have
opposing values (and circumvent them), it is that he can spread
pseudoscience and entropic memes so well.

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