Re: Faking UFO's: was Crop Circles

Paul Hughes (
Wed, 3 Sep 1997 14:16:42 -0700 (PDT)

About 10 years ago I came across a possible way to fake a UFO
sighting in broad daylight over a populated area. With sufficient
cash (est ~$200,000), you could purchase/build a VTOL aircraft similar
to what Mossier proposed, surround it with numerous small computer
actuating mirrors that change orientation depending on the angle of
the sun and the aircraft. This would give the effect of a bright
light in the sky similar to a reflecting mirror. People on the ground
would have a very difficult time identifying it through the blinding
glare. Also equipped on board, would be a specialized version of an
EMP gun that would turn off peoples cars as you passed over them. As
for the RADAR blip, you might send a RF signal at the same Hz as that
which radars use - with the intent that your signal would bounce off
every radio transciever in the area. If this works, the military
would detect several radar blips instead of just one.

I have never entertained this idea rigorously. Amusing on it however,
has increased my skepticism of UFO sightings knowing how easily they
could be 'faked' by clever people with sufficient capital to blow.


Paul Hughes

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