Give a man a fish... Give a man a nuke...
Wed, 3 Sep 1997 16:42:30 -0400 (EDT)

Am I the only person who thinks widespreed nanotech is a good thing?

Let's imagine we have our nanotech, amazingly it appeared over night, and now
we have to decide to either give it to everyone or give it to some world
power. Now, we know that if we give it to everyone we're likely to give it
to someone who wants to destroy the world. If we give it to this 'world
power' they can take care of it and make sure it doesn't get into the wrong

What kind of person wants to be a 'world power'? What kind of person wants
to be solely in charge of the most destructive force in the world? It's more
likely to be the kind of person you don't want in charge, who wants to be in
charge. Think you can choose the right person? Obviously you do, that's why
you vote.

So our world power decides to kill a few people, maybe not *everyone*, but
just the one's that oppose his/her views. Who's going to defend you, you
gave all the power to that person who's now going to screw you over! Oh! but
this is going to be the great all-knowing extropian entity.. have you learned

Now let's say we gave it to everyone. This isn't about the technology, it's
about the knowledge, so we don't have to build our metaphorical nukes and
distribute them in the play ground. "Everyone's right to his or her nuke"
isn't about nukes, it's about peoples right to information - all information.
So, everyone has the means and the ability to make whatever they want in
nanotech. Someone, somewhere is working away building their back goo.
Meanwhile *everyone everywhere* are working towards ways to improve their
defense in case this someone somewhere attacks (the people are aware of the
danger, because nothing is hiden from them). Who's going to win - billions
of people who want to live, or one that wants to kill?