Re: Creativity Machine Patented

Anders Sandberg (
03 Sep 1997 11:19:07 +0200

Mark Crosby <> writes:

> Perhaps I was mixing apples and oranges a bit here, but that was
> sort-of my point. I was not really talking about the number of
> *layers in a neural network*. Nor about the particular algorithms of
> any single neural-net *program*. I was talking about the number of
> "levels" or "tiers" in composite *systems* or usable applications.
> This is somewhat related to complaints I have about neural models of
> the brain where many researchers seem to be modeling the brain as a
> vast network of general-purpose neurons rather than a *system* of
> multiple, specialized components. Instead of, as you say, "dividing
> the connection matrix into semi-independent parts".

Hmm, what models of the brain are you talking about? All the models
I have seen in my work as a computational neuroscientist tends to
be filled with little boxes of semi-independent systems; nobody
tries to model the brain as a "single" neural net (both because it
would be too hard, and because the neuroscientific data shows that
everything is not connected to everything else).

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