Re: Extropy definition

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Tue, 2 Sep 1997 23:24:36 -0700 (PDT)

> << I recently stated my disagreement with the extropian terminology "dynamic
> optimism" partly because it implies that extropian "optimism" results from
> irrational faith rather than hard-headed realistic evaluation of fact.
> >>
> The thing is you have to believe more than fact if you're going to get
> anywhere, you need vision.

Nonsense. You don't have to "believe" a thing to have vision,
courage, and opportunity. You may have to be willing to take a
chance, and to commit to something on incomplete proof, but you
certainly don't have to believe. I don't particularly believe
that cryonincs in its present form can achieve what it claims,
or that it is the best investment I can make in my future; I don't
have enough evidence to know that. But I have bet my life (and
$120,000) on it. It didn't take belief, just commitment.

Some of the "dynamic optimism" wording is a bit touchy-feely for
my tastes, but I can see what Max is trying to say, and it is a
part of the vision that fits well. In particular, I have to
disagree with his particular objections to the fine art of
complaining, a noble profession if done well. True, most people
aren't very good at it and just waste their energy, but it can
achieve positive results if applied rationally and optimistically.

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