Re: POLITICS: costs of researching votes, etc.

Abraham Moses Genen (
Tue, 2 Sep 1997 19:24:33 -0400

Abraham Moses Genen
Being dedicated to the future progress of humankind
should be the prime concern of all civilized beings.
Dear Eric and other fellow Extropians,

I tend to believe that the glass is half full.

Despite the many seeming doubts of dear Eric (listed below in his
responses), the universal quality, quantity and integrity of our education
with intellectual self determination and self-actualization appears to be
slowly increasing. As it increases, the ability of each individual to
develop greater cross cultural knowedge, skills and abilities is enhanced.
Ultimately, a new, expanded and enhanced paradigm is achieved which will
allow and provide for the individual to understand the complexities of our
society far more than they are currently capable of.
At that point the degree of specialization which I refer to will be
transcended into common understanding thereby providing for greater
participation in our social and cultural structures.

From: Eric Watt Forste <>
Subject: POLITICS: costs of researching votes, etc.
Date: Tuesday, September 02, 1997 3:05 PM

Abraham Moses Genen writes:
> The reality of the siuation is that numerous analysts collect as
> many facts as possible prior to a policy proposal and jointly
> present a summary and analysis to those who make the ultimate
> determination. It should be pointed out that most policy is initiated
> and instituted within the various agencies of government. Only
> where enabling legislation and appropriations are required does
> the legislative branch become involved. Most policy determinations
> (either domestic or foreign) are never noticed by the general
> public.

So are you telling us that the myth of democratic control of
the government by the people, of responsible government, is
just that, a myth? Interesting. I wonder how many more things
we'll end up surprising one another by agreeing on.

> Possibly, through collective knowledge of the Extropians can we
> evolve further so that a greater percentage of our citizenry can
> develop the capacity to function on the broad and interdisciplinary
> level required for participation in the further evolution of
> humankind and its social and cultural structures.

What if they have no interest in developing such capacity? ("A
greater percentage of our citizenry" that is, if the antecedent
of "they" is not clear.)

> a far more succinct manner than I did. Obviously, I suspect that
> the research that is required to understand the long effects of
> any referendum or initiative is beyond the desire of most members
> of the public and the media.

I agree. What is your opinion of the desire of most members of
the public to choose their elected officials in an informed manner?
These officials are in turn responsible for selecting the appointed
officials who, as you say, actually generate the huge morass of
legislation that is available to be utilized against inconvenient
people. Character issues are easily as complex (and fraught with
deliberate deception, in many cases) as economic issues.

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