RE: HISTORY: Franklin and the Fire From Heaven

Mike Schnobrich (
Tue, 2 Sep 1997 10:39:02 -0600

When discussing social science topics there is always a danger of painting
things with a large brush stroke. More importantly, we will always be able
to find one or two individuals or groups that just don't seem to behave as
predicted. To me, that means that our basic theories on social interaction
are not as complete as other sciences appear. We just can't seem describe
all the phenomena we observe within a theoretical context.

However, regardless of our imperfect understanding of social or how much
we wish to view our selves as open minded and well meaning, there is a real
challenge to science from a wide range of religious groups such as the
earth based religions (even the ones that use technology derived from
scientific exploration) and fundamentalist Christians (at least in our
culture). Putting a belief that sees the world made up of magic on par with
skeptic reasoning and experimentation is not as enlightened as it could be.