Re: NANO: Goo color
Mon, 1 Sep 1997 11:19:18 -0400 (EDT)

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<< One of the most trivial applications of nanotech is to change skin colors.

I read a book many (many, many) years ago...called "Black Like Me"....bout a
white guy who took some kinda drug or treatment to change his skin color then
took a bus ride thru the deep south in the late fifties or early sixties...

Anyone know anything about it? Was it real or bogus? Being black might be
kinda neat...then it would BE ILLEGAL TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ME..(Ahem ...

Acutually us palefaces are pink...until we get exposed to ultraviolent...the
we get red and eventually cool off to beige...although I have been know to
crisp to a darker shade than some purported "blacks" As a matter of natural summer hue is darker than many know...

Pretty silly huh?

Edinburg Tx.