Re: Got a question mr. retired civil servant.

Abraham Moses Genen (
Sat, 30 Aug 1997 19:01:03 -0400

Abraham Moses Genen
Being dedicated to the future progress of humankind
should be the prime concern of all civilized beings.
Dear fellow Extropians,
EvMick raises an interesting point that most people make, although they
may not realize it.
It is the problem of opinion based on superficialities. Discussing public
policy on the basis of an individual's personality and/or ideosyncrasies
rather than the cumulative thought processes, constraints and
contingencies that go into value determinations is simplistic.
This is understandable. The mass media tends to focus on personalities
rather than ideas. Most of the public, therefore, tends to thoughtlessly
follow that simplistic lead.
I'd continue on along this stream of thought, but, at the moment, my wife
is calling me to dinner.
More later.

Subject: Got a question mr. retired civil servant.
Date: Friday, August 29, 1997 10:01 PM

Got a Question Mr. Retired Civil Servant..

Quote an article on the web.

A friend of mineís cousin from Germany visited him recently. When the
talk turned to politics in America, she informed him that people in
Germany were utterly mystified by something. "We understand that your
president is an amoral crook - but how unusual is that for a
politician?" she observed. "Yet everyday our newspapers are full of
stories like Clinton refusing to sell F-16 fighter jet technology to
Germany while selling it to China, and all the spy deals heís made with
Beijing. So everyone in Germany is asking now: why isnít your President
Clinton being tried for treason?"

I beleive you said something about "when push comes to show...etc. etc."

Enquiring Minds want to know.

DesMoines Ia.