Small Comets
Sat, 30 Aug 1997 12:39:00 -0400 (EDT)

Sorry Folks...the devil made me do it...I just found this in my "e-mail
box" seems appropriate.

NO MEDIA BIAS: "This is your ace news anchor, and it's the year 1543
A.D. The modern study of astronomy has shown the superiority of the
human intellect in discerning the movement of the stars, the sun, moon,
and the planets around the earth, as first deduced by the great Greek
astronomer Ptolemy 1400 years ago. The geocentric universe is well
rooted in both science and religion, and has been an accepted fact since
nearly the beginning of recorded history. After all, anyone can simply
stand outside and watch the sky, and see the sun and moon rising in the
east, revolving overhead above a firm and unmoving earth, and finally
setting on the other side of the sky. How could anything be more obvious
than that the earth is stationary, and the heavenly bodies are revolving
about our earth at the center of the universe? Yet every so often,
someone challenges the truth and tries to advance extremist views. Yet
we believe in diversity, and we will bring you those fringe theories as
they arise, for you, our audience, to hear. We now join our expert media
analyst, expert astronomer, and expert on just about everything else
worth being an expert in. Our expert is interviewing that backbencher
Copernicus about his radical, some might say extremist, publication
which he calls "On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres". Over to

"Mr. Copernicus, you have been called an extremist, a bombthrower,
for your belief that, if I have it right, the earth is actually spinning
around in space, and is actually moving around the sun. Now, if your
fantastic theory is correct, there are times when some of us are
actually hanging upside down. Now please tell our audience, do you
really believe all that? Spinning around and we don't get dizzy? Hanging
upside down and we don't fall off? Are you telling this audience that
every focus group and opinion poll is wrong, and that people have been
wrong for over 1000 years? Mr. Copernicus? Mr. Copernicus? I'm sorry
folks, Copernicus has just walked off, refusing to talk to us, muttering
something about media bias. Back to you at the anchor desk."

"Thanks. Our audience appreciates your attempt to throw the light
of truth on the dark underside of society. Every once in a while some
mean spirited radical comes along with unproven ideas, trying to upset
the settled facts as everyone knows them to be, and we here at the
Narrowmind News Network will continue to report on those fringe
theories, and continue bringing you the real facts, truthfully and
without bias. For the children."

Sometimes truth is a matter of perspective. Falsity becomes
accepted as conventional wisdom, and anyone voicing such wisdom does
not, in their eyes, display bias by simply stating the facts.
Conversely, anyone challenging the conventional wisdom is deemed to be
on the fringes of society. How could it be otherwise? How can one be
biased by simply stating the "truth"? Those who perceive the
conventional wisdom to be in error understand that the speaker of the
"truth" is speaking with bias. Our media is infected with a pro-status
quo bias, and enunciation of the conventional wisdom brings their
reporting no closer to the truth. Our "independent" media operates as
much of a disinformation machine as any run by any totalitarian
government of the past. By subtle distortion, selective reporting, and
outright misrepresentation, our media paints the picture which they
believe advances their goal of maintaining their position of power and
influence in our society

The above comes via something called "RightNow"...for us conservative,
bombthrowing anarchist reactionary types.