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Sat, 30 Aug 1997 11:52:44 -0400 (EDT)

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Let's see... he kept his job, lots of people discussed his theory, and the
government gave him several million dollars to put an instrument up on a
satellite to decide matters one way or another. The worst thing that
happened was that almost everyone told him he was wrong. Now, if he turns
out to be right, he becomes very famous and respected. It seems to me that
this is science working exactly the way it ought to. How would you have had
people act differently?

< know ...crow aint half bad...needs a little salt though>

I guess your right...maybe I've been reading too much Science Fiction....

<<<<slap!>> I've told you can't EVER read too much Science

where the intrepid Scientist discovers something new and marvelous to the
acclaim of all. "Frank" as you call him...(I would never so presume)..wrote
something to the effect of "being treated as a paraih" ,having "become a
Science Machine" and how events had "taken all the fun out of science".

Seems a bit much to endure ...of course ole what's his name got to drink maybe it's getting better.