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> > I remind you that the worst crime of this or any other century was
> committed
> > by a gang of thugs from a white tribe.
> Idi Amin? Genghis Kahn? Tamerlane?

Try Harry S. Truman. >>

Oh...him. a point.

Howsomever...notice the Goo Proxalisis thread? Is not the same type of thing
being contemplated....

yeah...white guy again.


Waterloo, Ia

PS I might point out that the only thing unusual about the two ABombs was
the weapon used...real attention getter....not the number of lives a matter of fact Pol Pot has killed more just last decade or
two...and the government line is that "we had to nuke them in order to SAVE
lives in the long run." And who am I to question the wisdom of our lords and