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Anders Sandberg (
29 Aug 1997 10:17:34 +0200 (Forrest Bishop) writes:

> >Do we want a singularity where a small nano-elite transcends and
> leaves
> >everybodye else in the dust,
> Sure, as long as moi is in it. ;)

Yes, I think that is what most of us secretly think. OK, I'm
an egalitarian and part-time altruist, but I have nothing against
being part of the ruling elite either...

> > a Borg-de Chardin
> This sound clever, but I don't know the reference.

I assume you know about the Borg from Star Trek (if not, watch out
for my essay about borganism in next Homo Excelsior). de Chardin
refers to the jesuit mystic and paleontologist Teilhard de Chardin
and his pseudoscientific but influential idea of how the 'noosphere'
of thinking on Earth will get more and more interconnected, until
it merges into a superorganism which he called the Omega Point
and identified with Christ (yes, this was the source of Tiplers

> > singularity where we
> >all become one,
> Probably the most boring.

Maybe, maybe not. Might be fun learning to know oneself.

> >a cambrian explosion of new kinds of beings
> My personal favorite.

Me too. Diversity is FUN!

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