Re: Them and Us
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 22:23:39 -0400 (EDT)

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>and way beyond the financial capabilities of your "dollar an hour"

>people. In other words: if you want cheap workers, they'll have to

>live relatively nearby.

Where the people who work for me want to live is up to them not me.
if they don't like to travel and they don't want to live near me then there

could be a problem, unless they tele-commute.

This is a neat Scenario....I like it.. Keep a tele-operated general purpose
Robot in your garage. Hire various contractors to do .......whatever.....via them for the work done...but it's up to you to provide and
maintain the robot.

It might work!!!! Lots of things that are easy for people to do...even
unskilled and poorly trained people...that are tough to program. Like
housekeeping...yard work...minor maint......


> I remind you that the worst crime of this or any other century was
> by a gang of thugs from a white tribe.

Idi Amin? Genghis Kahn? Tamerlane?

Lincoln Ne

Lincoln Ne.