Re: Goo prophylaxis

Anders Sandberg (
28 Aug 1997 18:20:17 +0200

Eric Watt Forste <> writes:

> (P. S. Is there a Pink Goo in the goo bestiary yet?

Hmm, I was *sure* I had it (nanites used inside the body).

> If not, I
> suggest we use Pink Goo to refer to Old Testament apes who see
> their purpose as being fruitful and multiplying, filling up of the
> cosmos with lots more such apes, unmodified.

I *like* it! I'll add it to my file of things to add to my
pages (I have some trouble easily changing them, since the ISP
they are on is hard to access for me, for some odd reason).

> But other times I think perhaps we ought to do something
> about the Pink Goo problem on this planet: Pink Goo can result in
> insufficient slack.)

Hmm, Slack == Extropy? :-)

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