Re: Them and Usonc
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 10:03:00 -0400 (EDT)

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>You seem to forget that most people aren't "rational libertarian

I don't know about a recent political convention (rally?) some of
them sneaky libertarions were handing out the "world's smallest political
quiz"...lot of people took the quiz....guess how it came out?...

Most were libertarian in bent...even if they had never HEARD of libertarians

It's them bastards with broadswords...they are the problem

>For example, in this democracy many towns have laws against women wearing
>string bikinis on the beach, and it's simple to see why, there are plenty of

>prudes and it doesn't cost them anything to

And suppose the girls "don't wear the string bikinis on the beach"...if you
get what i mean...the prudes go ballistic then...???

<I've HAD fun once...I remember what it's like...fondly...>

>Try promoting the extropian principles in the Middle East or Africa
> etc, and see how far you'll get...

Ex-what? No..I never heard of it...the only thing I read is the Bible...and
listen to the Revernd Brother Black on Radio...and watch Jerry Falwell on
Tv....sure you don't wann buy one of these Plastic Jesus's? Good for your

>About as far as you would in the bible belt of the USA.

>it's "bye, bye singularity" when the Muslims take over.

>Your xenophobia is starting to sound a little silly.

Are you paranoid if they're REALLY out o get you? I agree...with fanatical
Relegious freaks in charge (of any flavor) we ain't gonna get very far...a
less malovelent example is seen in the Mennonites and Amish in the
US...hardly a paragon of technological sophistication...A less benign example
are the fundamental fanatically Muslim sects...Anyone in the right mind
should be concerned about them.