TITLE: Mary Kay Schmitz LeTourneau' Ordeal

Tony Hollick (anduril@cix.compulink.co.uk)
Wed, 27 Aug 97 16:05 BST-1

Dear Sir, 27 August 1997

I have read with mounting horror of the terroristic ordeal to which Mary
Kay Schmitz Letourneau, the Seattle teacher, is being subjected by <inter
alia> the King County Prosecutor's Office (Norm Maleng, who mistakenly
call himself a Republican; his 'Chief of Staff' Dan Satterberg; and his
deputy, Lisa Johnson) -- henceforth referred to as 'SMJ.'

And by others who should have known better.

As Dan Satterberg well knows, after the death of comedian Lenny Bruce
(albeit not my favbourite comedian), Assistant Attorney General in the
case, Vincent Cuccia, said this:

"We drove him into poverty and bankruptcy. We watched him fall apart. We
knew what we were doing. We used the law to kill him."

I have thorougly investigated the case of Mary Kay Schmitz LeTourneau and
her family, and have reached the following findings

The King County Prosecutors (SMJ), and their collaborators, initiated a
series of coordinated terrorist attacks on Mary Kay Schmitz LeTourneau and
her family; they sought to "make an example of her" (so as to terrify
others), in the exact words of a prominent Washington State Republican,
who wants no part in it.

TERRORISM: "The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or
property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population or
any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives."
Such is the formal definition adopted by the FBI in 1982 and followed by
other US government agencies.

SMJ have attacked the role of the King Country Superior Court itself. The
purpose of the Courts in America is to administer justice, not to 'make
examoples of people' for social and political reasons.

Worse (if anything could be) Maleng, Satterburg and Johnson have attacked
the Constitution of the United States itself, and thus the rights of all
Americans -- rights which they are personally _sworn to defend_.

Accordingly, my colleagues and my associates have taken actions which
include the following:

I have filed Amicus Curiae briefs with the King County Superior Court.

These are available at: http://www.agora.demon.co.uk or from the Court.

I have filed formal complaints with the Washington State Bar Association.

I have discussed this case with US Attorney-General Janet Reno's Office,
documenting the KCPO's transgressions. They are following the case now.

I have discussed the attacks with a senior Anti-Terrorism officer of the
fBI in Washington (including the possible collaboration of one or more
persons in the Seattle FBI office: they are examining these matters now.

I have discussed these matters with Hillary Rodham Clinton's office at the
White House, who now have full details.

And with many, many others, in America and elsewhere

There follows the opening passage of -- and excerpts from -- my
third Amicus Curiae Brief to the Court, which was due to consider
sentencing in the case on August 29th.

{ SMJ are now trying to keep Mary Kay Schmitz LeTourneau locked up for
even longer, by postponing the sentencing hearing to October 17th, on the
pretext of examining (prima facie) unethical and unconstitutional
'medical' sentences whose only purpose could be the attempted destruction
of Mary Kay Schmitz LeTourneau's love for the father of her new baby
daughter Audrey, who is being deprived of maternal contact and care in
these crucial first months of her life]. The attempt to coercively
'medicalize' ethics is a _disastrous_ policy.

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Judge Linda Lau,

King County Superior Court,
No. 2D, 401 4th Avenue North,
USA 08032

Tel: 206-296-9242

Fax: 206-205-2585

Dear Judge Lau, 16 August 1997

Further thanks to your excellent bailiff Julia Fowler for procedural
help in enabling me to submit this further -- general -- Amicus Curiae
brief to your Court, for the Hearing of 29 August.

Relevant press reports are on file at:

http;//www.seatimes.com (Seattle Times).

http://www.pir.org (Public Interest Research)

Yours sincerely,

Anthony Hugh Hollick

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(Today, 29 August, is English Constitutional philosopher John Locke's
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"Today, 29 August, 1948, the USSR exploded its first Atom bomb.

A day of historic significance.

Today, 29 August, 1953, the USSR exploded its first Hydrogen bomb.

A day of -- literally -- earth-shaking significance.

Both Mary Kay Schmitz LeTourneau and I are children of the Cold War.

And this day, August 2 1997, is in all truth a day of Destiny and a
a day of reckoning...

[1997 Note: The brilliant American actress Dorothy Jean Seberg, from
Marshalltown, Iowa, (see her in incomparable performances, in Otto
Preminger's 'St. Joan', where -- as a 17-year-old girl -- she was
chosen from 10 000 to play Joan of Arc; and in Robert Rossen's
magnificent film 'Lilith.') was hideously and protractedly killed as a
direct consequence of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's malicious actions
against her.

Hoover circulated vicious press stories including one that the baby she
was expecting was of mixed race, and imposed unbearable pressures on
her. She miscarried, and tried to kill herself on each anniversity of
her lost baby's death. She was later found dead in Paris, her body
stuffed into a car trunk by the side of the road).

David Richards' biography of Jean Seberg is titled 'Played Out.'

And radical actress Frances Farmer's horrifying autobiography, "Will
There Really Be A Morning?" (filmed as 'Frances' with Jessica Lange.
[1983]) as a truly terrifying public warning of the perils and
consequences of coercive psychiatry. We _cannot_ allow such
terrorist acts be committed against people anymore...

If all children (indeed, all of us) had ... inexpensive radio
alarms, they would be greatly more secure from all kinds of abuse. I
have given this idea to Motorola Corporation. If JonBenet Ramsey had
bean wearing one, she could have instantly summoned help, and could be
alive today.

I am a formal external adviser to the Boulder, Colorado District
Attorney's Office in her case.

What was done to JonBenet Ramsay and to Mary Kay LeTourneau have
matching patterns. See especially the section 'The Little Fascist' in
"What Do You Say After You Say 'Hello'? The Psychology of Human
Destiny" by Eric Berne MD.

----------- * * * * * -----------

'Values as the expression of the central order'

'The problem of values is nothing but the problems of our acts,
goals and morals. It concerns the compass by which we must steer our
ship if we are to set a true course through life. The compass itself
has been given different names by various religions and philosophies
... but I have a clear impression that all such formulations try to
express man's relatedness to a central order. In the final analysis
the central order, or the 'One' as it used to be called with which we
commune in the language of religion, must win out....

If we ask Western man what is good, what is worth striving for and
what has to be rejected, we shall find time and again, that his
answers reflect the ethical norms of Christianity even when he has
long since lost all touch with Christian images and parables. If the
magnetic force which has guided this particular compass - and what
else was its source but the central order? - should ever become
extinguished, _terrible_ things may happen to mankind, far
more terrible even than concentration camps and atom bombs.'

Werner Heisenberg, [1971] 'Physics and beyond: encounters and
conversations', published by George Allen and Unwin, London.

Thorpe is emphatic in asserting that we must never forget that such a
conclusion must on no account be attributed solely to the Western insights
stemming from the Christian revelation; he gives the following Admonitions as a
further example, drawn from the Amerindian tribe of the Shawnees (who were
dispossessed of their Oklahoma lands in 1839).

TITLE: The Shawnee Admonitions:

TEXT: (1) "Do not kill or injure your neigbour, for it is not him you injure,
you injure yourself."

(2) "Do not wrong or hate your neighbour, for it is not him that you
wrong, you wrong yourself. Moneto, the Supreme Being. loves him also as she
loves you."

Quoted from W.H. Thorpe, 'Purpose in a World of Chance' Oxford [1978].
A Biologist's View. George, Allen and Unwin.

This is clearly related via the central order to the (negative)
Judaic injunction not to do unto one's neighbour that which one would
not wish to befall one's self. My own -- perhaps agnostic --
orientation is nearer Taoism [and Greek mythology]; but these ethical
principles are capable of reformulation for most spiritual -- and even
humanistic or atheistic -- contexts.

----------- * * * * * -----------

In 1944, Nash-Kelvinator Corporation ran this magazine
advertisement,showing a grim pilot, about to take on Zeros at twelve
o'clock, imagining this staccato message to his wife:-

"I want to tell you what I'm fighting for... it's you and our
little house and the job I had before... and the chance I had, the
fighting chance, to go ahead on my own. That's what all of us want
out here... to win this war... to get home... To go back to living our
lives in a land -- and a world -- where *every* [wo]man is free to
grow as great as [s]he's a mind to be... where *every* [wo]man has an
*unlimited* opportunity to be useful to himself [or herself] and his
fellow men [and women]...

Tell 'em we'll be back... nothing can stop us... And tell 'em no
matter what they say, no matter what they do... to stay *free*.. to
keep America a land of *individual freedom*!

_That's_ what we're fighting for...

_That's_ what we're willing to die for...

_That's_ the America we want when we come home."

So say Mary Kay Letourneau and I, I would guess. Amen.

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

There follow the three wishes, hopes and dreams I have for Mary Kay
Schmitz LeTourneau and her family now, and for the future:

However, Judge Lau, I have also risked my life to give _you_ maximal
freedom to decide the case _yourself_ today. This was also my duty to
the Court, of course. And to America.

A question that is ultimately unanswerable by Mary Kay Schmitz
LeTourneau (and myself) is this:

"Why must we love where the lightning strikes, and not where we choose?"

-- Coventry Patmore, 1823 - 1896. "The Angel in the
House" (1854-62] and "The Unknown Eros" [1877].

Anyway, my wishes:

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

TITLE: For Mary Kay Schmitz LeTourneau to be set free

TEXT: In order of precedence:

[1] Let the 'law' under which Mary Kay is being tried be struck down as

[2] Let her 'conviction' be nullified as unconstitutional and unlawful.

[3] Let her walk free from the Court on August 29.

CONTACT: Amicus Curiae briefs and other submissions to the Court in
the case directly to:

Judge Linda Lau,
King County Superior Court,
Regional Justice Centre,
No. 2D, 401 4th Avenue North,

Tel: 206 - 296 - 9242
Fax: 206 - 205 - 2585

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

TITLE: Let Mary Kay Schmitz LeTourneau's life be made whole again.

TEXT: Let her live fully again, in mind and body and spirit. Let her
teach again; let her children rejoin her, intact. Let she and her
'younger man' see each other, and bring Audrey up. And let she and
Steve LeTourneau get on together in the future as well as may be possible.

CONTACT: Mary Kay Schmitz LeTourneau
(Prisoner Number97-34198),
King County Jail,
Regional Justice Centre,
620 West James,
Washington 98023

Mail and messages via David Gehrke, Defense Attorney

Tel: 206 682 2975
Fax: 206 292 1165

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

TITLE: Let the truth be told about the terrorist attacks on her.

TEXT: Let us discover why Steve LeTourneau's parents acted as they did.
And who advised them. And why Dan Satterburg, Dale Foreman, Norm Maleng
and Lisa Johnson (and others) acted as they did. And who advised and
assisted them.

CONTACT: rfit-new@seatimes.com (Ronald K. Fitten, The Seattle Times).
and Janet Horne, Seattle Times Editrix, 206 - 464 - 2207 , Washington, USA


Janet Reno's Office,
Department of Justice,
Tel: 202 514 2000

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

Judge Lau, it is now for you to decide, freely.

"Do, or not do: _never_ 'try'" -- Yoda, Jedi Knight, in 'STAR WARS.'

I hope and pray to Heaven that you choose - and do - well.

Above all, _please don't_ let the political terrorists and blackmailers win.

All Best Wishes

Tony Hollick

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NOTE: One verdict is already in, that of Claire Wolfe, an American:

"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within
the system, and too early to shoot the bastards."

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I hope and pray that America proves that it's _not_ too late.

"You push the button, and we'll do the rest" -- Kodak

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"My soul, there is a country
Far beyond the stars,
Where stands a winged sentry,
All skillful in the wars." -- Henry Vaughan, [1922-95]

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