Re: Government's war against itself???

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Subject: Re: Government's war against itself???
Date: Monday, August 25, 1997 12:26 PM

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If we are the government (in that we elect our representatives) why are
so reluctant to understand that when we loose control over our elected
representatives our most direct recourse is to remove them from office?
Uh....ever hear of a book called "Vote Scam"?

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Dear EvMick and other fellow Extropians:

I'm familiar with "Vote Scam" and numerous other books critical of one
aspect of government or another. When push comes to shove however, the
system - with all its flaws - usually works until ignorant ideologues with
nothing better to do tear it down.
It would be nice if we spent more time trying to improve the system
instead of just trying to beat it to death.