Re: Gene supremacy (Was: Re: Meme supremacy)

Darren Reynolds (
Tue, 26 Aug 1997 01:04:06 +0100

At 00:31 16/08/97 +0200, wrote:

>From my absolute layman experience with genetics in animals, i noticed
>that intelligence is linked to countless factors, with probably as many
>exceptions as there are rules, yet that it was definitely genetic.
>Overestimating the influence of genetic factors, or concentrating attention
>on one, or a few of those factors is what feeds prejudice. Denying genetic
>factors have an influence, or that their influence is 'ignorable' is just
>being unrealistic.


>From your absolute layman experience with genetics in animals, did you also
notice that they, generally speaking, were not as intelligent as you?

If so, would you put that down to genetics or upbringing?

I agree with you. IMHO it's a logical conclusion that the capacity for
intelligence is genetic, and that the fulfilment of that capacity is