Them and Us

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Mon, 25 Aug 1997 12:47:21 -0700 (PDT)


"den Otter" <> Mon, 25 Aug 1997 Wrote:

>**Yes** we do have a immigration problem. Thanks to the pinky
>government policies the country is being *flooded* by poor immigrants
>from all corners of the world

So what? The problem is not the immigrants but the welfare system they find
when they get there. If a country draws a line around its borders and says
anyone who is inside that line gets all sorts of nifty financial benefits but
anyone outside that line does not, then free immigration can not be allowed.
I think free immigration is a basic human right and that's one of many reasons
I oppose welfare. Fortunately it's becoming increasingly difficult to stop
people from going where they want to go or hearing what they want to hear,
and that's why I'm optimistic the present system is breaking down.

>especially Turks, Moroccans which will probably result in Islam
>becoming the number one religion after the turn of the century

So what? True, Islam is an idiotic religion, but no more so than the
Christian religion, or the Jewish, or the Hindu, or the Druid, or the UFO,
or the ...

>*They* breed a lot faster than "we" do.

Who is "we"? I'm not Dutch.

>I guess we all know what happens to tolerance, progress and liberal
>ideas in general when Islam takes over...)

Things change, nothing is fixed in concrete. Historically Islam has been much
more tolerant of foreign ideas than Christianity, it's only in this century
that things changed. They can change again.

I must say, if you attach a vast significance to the trivial little
differences in culture or physical appearance among various groups of humans
today, then you will be as unprepared as most people for the phase change in
life of truly astronomical magnitude that will happen in less than a century.

BTW, I assume by "liberal" you're using the 19'th century meaning, where the
word mente more personal freedom and open to new ideas, the very opposite of
today's meaning.

John K Clark

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