Re: Government's war against it citizens

den Otter (
Mon, 25 Aug 1997 11:42:12 +0200

> everybody can (and does) own guns, policing becomes dangerous as hell,
> cops want bigger guns and more of them, and they will use them more
> In Holland NOBODY get's to own a gun unless there are special >

Indeed, and this SUCKS! The crime rate isn't low at all in Holland, we
I'm Dutch myself) have more than our fair share of muggings, rapes, murders
(yes, including killer kids) etc, etc. The tough gun laws and the warped
criminal-loving justice system make sure that only the bad guys pack heat,
and get only mildly punished (say, 3 years for murder) if punished at all
know: lack of jailspace or a minor technicality error in the police report
things like that are enough to let 'em walk). Now if a law-abiding citizen
to defend himself, his family and/or his property (even with his bare
hands!) against an assault by those "poor guys that had such a difficult
childhood" [and
hence had to turn to crime]....well, you've guessed it....he's in *deep*
The justice system will make sure that this horrible crime of "taking
into your own hands" is dealt with swiftly and severely (they'll let a
couple of
child molesters walk, if necessary, to make sure that "this heinous
is put away. I'm hardly exaggerating!).

Example: a man caught some dude breaking into his house, and they get
into a (fist)fight in which the home-owner broke his arm, but managed to
knock the burgular unconscious. Now the owner is facing charges of
manslaughter, while the real criminal is out on the streets again (I
believe he
wants to file charges against his "attacker", and given the legal
situation, he might very well win this case).

Note: even pepper spray is illegal in Holland. Teargas is classified in the
category as flame throwers (!) and "unlawful" possession is punished

> (yeah, yeah...does holland have an imigration problem or an emigration
> problem?...that is ...are people trying to get in ..or get out...or
**Yes** we do have a immigration problem. Thanks to the pinky government
policies the country is being *flooded* by poor immigrants from all corners
of the world (but especially Turks, Moroccans which will probably result in
Islam becoming the number one religion after the turn of the century, with
as much as 50% (and eventually more) of Dutch citizens being Muslim.
*They* breed a lot faster than "we" do. I guess we all know what happens
to tolerance, progress and liberal ideas in general when Islam takes
The immigrants are responsible for a disproportionally great percentage of
crimes (what a surprise!) according to recently published police statistics
(there was quite a fuss about this, because the results weren't
correct". The sanctimonious Dutch are *very* squeamish when it comes to
"ethnic issues", maybe even more than you guys...)

Our great socialist social security is generous to the lazy opportunists
one of the main reasons why we're so popular with immigrants; they know),
while at the same time it's harsh on the ("native") sick and elderly.

> We have LOTS of people trying to get in...and very few wanting to
Right! The only people trying to get *out* of Holland are the more
(wealthier) ones, because of some of the highest taxes in the world (hey,
*someone* has to finance the great parasite state!)

Rant finished (for now). I hope y'all have a somewhat better understanding
my point of view after this. I still like Holland though, just hate the
justice system. I've heard some countries want to copy our "model". My