Re: Extropy in the personal sphere

Kennita Watson (
Sun, 24 Aug 1997 18:01:17 -0700

Kathryn Aegis writes:
> Does the DHEA help the antidepressants work better

I think so.

>What I am trying to figure out, and am open to serious suggestions on,
>is how to retain the positive aspects while improving the negative. My
>goals: increased focus and greater ability to memorize concrete data.

I have to admit I haven't found anything to improve those either. Then
again, I haven't been looking. I may bring them up with my doctor the
next time I see him.

>...And I certainly don't recommend anyone dumping these
>neuro drugs into their systems, because the physical effects are
>simply not worth the mental effects...

Let's not paint all "neuro drugs" with the same brush. If you're depressed,
one antidepressant may help and another may not; yet another may both help
and have less worrisome side effects. It depends on your particular brain
chemistry. I definitely prefer having my doctor (a specialist in "mind
medicine" -- my term) involved; I certainly don't believe what I read on
labels. Medline searches may help.


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