Re: Re: Government's war against it citizens
Sun, 24 Aug 1997 17:32:20 -0400 (EDT)

I said.
> Government sharpshooter "was aiming at the other guy" and
> and killing instead mother with infant in arms. Charged with involuntary
> manslaughter.
> Citizen attacked from ambush by government agents...returns fire in self
> defense ....killing one charged with first degree murder.
> 18 year old goat herder killed from ambush by U.S. Marines while tending
> goats on family farm...marines not charged with anything.
> And it goes on and on and on and on....I drive a I may have
> mentioned...and I travel the 48 states and parts of Canada...I listen to
> radio a lot...during my travels I hear this kinda stuff
repeatedly....only I
> hear about a lot more than makes the national that case in
> where the BATF broke in..caused injury to the wife such that she
> aborted...then left...sorry...wrong house. Or the other "Waco" that
> in Ohio...several national news coverage.
> What are we gonna do?

And He said

Nothing, of course.

I find that unacceptable...

and Wax wrote

Go down to the Whitehouse, pin a target to the door, shoot the president and
shout "oops! missed, sorry about that!"

and that's not so good either...been done before...Kennedy
Asasinnation...just made things worse.

Sooooo....been giving it some thought...and here's the beta version


Anyone who works for or takes money from a government...<local, state,
federal> gets shunned...ignored...held in contempt...made to feel like
low-life....eventually (maybe) people won't want to get these jobs...if
everyone else treats them like something you stepped in.

Just a thought.