Re: Extropian Kids
Sun, 24 Aug 1997 11:31:42 -0400 (EDT)

Rick Knight <> wrote:

> With the advent of two-way fiber optic telecommunications, I think it

> would behoove us to start forming small collectives. Not every
> wishes to work outside the house and there are certainly a number of
> adults with a desire to instruct and assist young minds as they grow.

And it all comes back to my post "anarchy and spontaneous order in business
and education".

> There are all kinds of negative factors to discuss along with this:
> the dysfunctional child that doesn't respond to reason or discipline,

> the inequality that stems from those in a class with access to
> and those in the poorer classes that don't. But as far as
> Extropian-minded individuals and their children, I think banding
> together and forming small educational groups for their kids would be

> a good start towards taking back control of education, which at least

> in the public sector, seems to be very mismanaged, disoriented by
> crime and social dysfunction and poorly funded.

People in the area of research of computing in eduation have found that
dysfunctional children and children with learning difficulties take to
computers easier than those without. It has also been found that children in
non-technical societies (third world countries) take to computing as easily
as those from high-tech societies. It seems, as ever, computers are the
great equaliser. Except in cost, what if our libraries started loaning