Re: "Child Support" in the true sense (was Re: 6 fucked-up countries)
Sun, 24 Aug 1997 11:25:34 -0400 (EDT)

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<< However, by your logic, every one of those 3 million you mentioned earlier
in this thread is "none of your business". I'm not trying for a cheap
rhetorical point, here, I'm trying to point out that it's a serious matter,
and as I said, sticky... >>

Exactly...I deplore the practice....but it's their lives ...not mine.

<example of children being sub-human>

<, I take it it should be none of my business should I see such a thing
<happen--barring of course shunning the parents? Or, since they were not
<fully human, would it be appropriate for me to shoot the 9-year-old and the
<7-year-old out of hand, the way I might a pair of feral dogs?

If you consider today's legal morass and your're in that're
doomed...not matter what course of action you take...including no're subject to prosecution...the safest course ,however, is no
action...which may be why noone intervened. From my stand point I would want
someone to rescue my child so I woluld assume someone else would feel the
same ....the idea of shootting the two feral kids has some appeal.

>More directly: there was the case of the woman who strapped her two kids in
t>he car and sent the car on a little swim, because she had the impression
t>hat they were the only thing standing in the way of her relationship with
.a man who wasn't sure he was ready to be a father. If the kids were her
>property, ditching the car is the same as ditching the car plus kids,
>right? Property is property.

>Then again, by rights of salvage, once she abandoned them, anyone who
>rescued or recovered them would be their owner, right?

Not a bad point....morally correct....legally by today's system...a mess.

><<<If you have responsibility then you must have authority to enforce the
>>necesities of that responsibility...the two are coupled. The current
>>situation is a result it's all screwed up>>
>>Any other position puts me in a position of
>>(superiority/authority:responsible for his actions) over that
>>Owner...which I am not and don't intend to be...

>Unless you procreate? Sorry, that's a cheap shot.

Been there...done that...have successfully raised a 25..HE (and his
wife) are (IMHO) successfully raising a boy and a girl). Also I was a
school-bus driver for five years....have lots of experience with feral kids.

>>however much some beg to be
>>owned. Nor do I enjoy BEING is the current state of
>>affairs...hopefully the advancing technology will continue the age-old
>>of diminishing the power of the state....(slavers).relative to that of the
>>populance (slaves)

>Here we are "in violent agreement".

Thank you

Florence Sc