Microbes on Mars

Rick Knight (rknight@platinum.com)
Sat, 23 Aug 97 13:30:24 CST

I had mentioned:

I much prefer our research dollars going towards restoring and
improving earth conditions and listening for "come back" signals from
out there.

Davin responded:

I surprised to hear such a comment coming from the Extropian mailing
list. Why would we need to sink more research on Earth, where we
already have billions sunk--for all of human history?

I respond:

For one, you're assuming the author (or for that matter, any
contributor) to be "Orthodox" Extropian. For two, I am not AGAINST
missions to other planets to discover more about them but I am against
our environmental situation worsening here and putting pressure on the
potential of an earlier-arriving singularity type instance. We can
"enjoy the scenery" more if we're not "fighting the rapids".
(Granted, adreniline does have its motivating properties) <G>.