Re: Raising kids [was Re: Freedom or death? ]
Sat, 23 Aug 1997 14:13:05 -0400 (EDT)

Paul G. Bassett <pbassett@hermes.Netron.COM> wrote:

> The issue is how to minimize the disasters stemming frome immature
> judgements, when more mature judgements can intervene to avoid/lessen
> them. Whether you call it parenting or whatever, I believe any
> (post-human) family or society strives to operate in a manner that is
> more efficient than trial-and-error learning from one's mistakes --
> natural selection is a literally ignorant and very wasteful technique.
> The word "environment" usually connotes an externality relative to some
> system (e.g. a family or a post-human society), and hence it is not
> constrained by the rules by which the system operates. Thus environments
> could not function as (meta)parents for entities within the system. I
> think of systems that try to protect themselves from disasters as
> pragmatic, hardly utopian.

The environment is created by us and as such is a product of our system.
Think of it as a post-human womb, where our children receive enough
'mind-food' to be able to cope with the highly competitive post-human society
that awaits them.