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<< I much
prefer our research dollars going towards restoring and improving
earth conditions and listening for "come back" signals from out there.

I surprised to hear such a comment coming from the Extropian mailing list.
Why would we need to sink more research on Earth, where we already have
billions sunk--for all of human history? People in every country, without
exception, have never had a better life. Life on Earth has had a good run
of research funding improving conditions. It's about time we look out wards.
We have sunk enough money on this little planet. "Come back" signals?
That would be fantastic too, even if it came from microscopic life forms.
Remember WE are also "microscopic life forms." We are a colony of about a
trillion cells who don't know they are part of us. How do we know the
microscopic life forms we find on other planets are not part of a larger
organism? Also, think of these hostile extra-Earthly environments and how
the exobiological processes we discover will teach us how to adapt to those
environments. I want to get off this Earth as soon as possible. Earth was a
nice warm little nest for babies. Now, sooner or later we should grow up,
become adults, and leave the nest.

Dynamically Optimistic,


August 22, 1997
11:33 pm PACIFIC