6 fucked-up countries

Rick Knight (rknight@platinum.com)
Fri, 22 Aug 97 11:07:31 CST

EvMick wrote in regards to the claim that the US executes children:

When listing the USA maybe they were referring to the 3million
or so unborn children who are executed every year.?.....nawwwwwww..

Rick Knight responds:

Me thinks a nerve is thus exposed in our traveling Texan. "Execution"
in terms of abortion is a horse of a different color with gobs of
offshoots that I'm sure have their Extropian angle but you'd have to
carefully position it so. Otherwise, it's the same ol' debate.

BTW, for the record, I am anti-abortion *and* pro-choice. It's weird
but I've wedged it into my belief system in a way where I'm comfy. I
used "acocuntability" as my wrench to tighten it in. I've already had
to deal with abortion and it was anything BUT comfy. I can tell you
that the sanctity one holds for a gestating human life can be quickly
comprimised by the threat of someone outside your family carelessly
destroying the relations of those within it. To have chosen the life
of that unborn would've been to have sealed that connection
biologically or socially...neither of which was acceptable.

The decision to abort a child brings up feelings akin to racism,
classism, and negative emotions you didn't even know could manifest.
It was a purging but growing experience for me as a passive
participant (the somewhat unwilling support person). But it is not a
simple issue and certainly not easily clumped together with the
execution of capital criminals.