Re: Sandberg 1, Yudkowsky 0

E. Shaun Russell (
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 01:32:09 -0700

Eli wrote:

>I can't really claim to understand what happened, or how to prevent it -
>but it looks like Sandberg was right; the "Singularity" CAN lead to
> Insofar as there IS going to be a Singularity, cultish or not, does anyone
>have suggestions on how the concept could be presented so as to avoid a
>of the above error?

The crucial element that separates those who worship and those who
welcome the singularity is that it takes people to make it happen. If
everyone were to stop what they were doing, to sit back and worship the
singularity, there would be no singularity. It takes all technical people
in their respective trades to create such a singularity; if that is
forgotten, the singularity may as well be some deity that is expected to
provide salvation upon such and such a date. If you want to explain the
concept of the singularity, first start with telling the person or people
*how* a singularity can be created. Without the human element, it appears
(and is) a totally foreign entity. Show how such a singularity is the
summation of man's potential. That is what it is.

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