Re: extropian kids (opinions from a non-parent)

Kathryn Aegis (
Wed, 20 Aug 1997 19:20:12 +0000

Len Flatley:
> i guess an "extropian viewpoint" on child rearing would be:
> children are influenced, molded by their surroundings. why
> would you subject your children to any system (public school,
> catholic school, hebrew school, the rotary club, the marine
> corps) that is anathema to Extropy?

I will grant that school environments do create opportunity for
bullies and the weak-minded to prey on children unlike themselves,
and I do not doubt that most of the persons on this list had some bad
experiences during their school years. I do not agree, however,
that spending time in a potentially environment discourages personal and
intellectual growth. One of the main cautions for parents
considering home-schooling is that their children must somehow be
exposed to situations in which they must negotiate disputes with
other children, and learn to assert themselves, without the
intervention of adults (unless the situation becomes dangerous).
Socialization theory holds that this aspect of early development
partially determines future effectiveness in a career or personal

That's the theoretical level. On a practical level, humans who are
different in a manner that is going to draw hostility from other
humans need to learn to deal with it early in life. Developing the
quality of courage, based on the success of prior experiences of
standing one's ground, will help prevent some of the future
potential incidents. And, in addition, that strength will carry into
other areas of life and allow that person to face future adversities
more successfully.

Kathryn Aegis