Re: Rights and isms

Eric Watt Forste (
Wed, 20 Aug 1997 15:52:44 -0700

Wax writes:
> The point is you shouldn't be happy to absorb wisdom from some black
> people and some women. You should absorb wisdom based on its merit.

First let me say that I misunderstood your original post, and I
mostly agree with you, though I'm not sure that you're expressing
your ideas in the most effective possible way (and there's nothing
wrong with that, because these are inherently difficult things to
talk about).

But since you seem to have developed some method of judging the merit
of someone's wisdom *prior* to absorbing that wisdom, I'd be *very*
interested to learn of your methods, since I'm sure I could benefit
tremendously from the application of these new techniques.

> It's time we simply stopped programming.

I think we're designed to program. We can hardly help it. But we can
start doing it deliberately instead of just automatically passing along
whichever programs happen to have gotten their hooks into our brains
before we woke up. In Leary's terminology, we can start
programming and metaprogramming ourselves.

And besides, programming is fun! Especially when it's collaborative
and interactive. In that form, it's often called "conversation". I
dig it. It seems to be a positive-sum game.